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Multiple Meal Prep Service


Multiple Meal Prep Service provides meals cooked, packaged, and stored for you to use as you please.



Initial Consultation 

To determine your needs, special requirements, food preferences, and to discuss how the service works.

Recipe Development 

From an extensive recipe collection and tailored to your specific dietary needs and preferences.

Grocery Shopping 

At the beginning of each cook date to ensure the freshest ingredients are used.


As an added bonus, we will purchase up to eight additional items for your own personal use saving you additional trips to the grocery store (24 hours advance notice required).

Food Preparation 

In your kitchen.

Includes food packaging, labeling, and storage in either your refrigerator or freezer.

Items can be packaged family style or in single or double portions.

Printed Personalized Menu 

Heating instructions will be left for each entree and side dish upon request.

Kitchen Clean Up 

Clean up will be completed leaving you with a sparkling clean kitchen filled with the aroma of great food!



Meal Service Plans

Plans are tailored to your specific needs. Here are a few of the many options available. We can provide up to 10 different meals and offer service for almost any number of servings in a cook session.

Traditional Meal Service
Includes all the services with entrees and appropriate side dishes
5x4 - five entrees and side dishes, four servings of each = 20 meals
4x4 - four entrees and side dishes, four servings of each = 16 meals
3x4 - three entrees and side dishes, four servings of each = 12 meals
5x5 - five entrees and side dishes, five servings of each = 25 meals


Entree Only Service (no sides)
5x4 - five entrees, four servings of each

4x2 - four entrees,two servingd of each

6x4 - six entrees, four servings of each

Occasional Service Plans are available for those who do not desire a long term
commitment. Dates of service will depend on availability.

Occasional Service Plans can be purchased in as Gift Certificates and make great gifts
for new moms, families in crisis, recovering patients, house warming gifts, birthdays,
and anniversaries.


Dinner Parties / Culinary Experiences

Special occasions such as parties, dinner parties, special dinners, and small gatherings
can be made more enjoyable with a culinary experience prepared by My Chef Shirley's team of chefs. We can provide you with appetizers, gourmet dinners, or casual buffets. It's your choice. If you don't need that much help we can come do all your prep work so you just finish up when your guests arrive. We provide customized personal chef  services. Enjoy your own party and leave the work to us. Contact us to see how we can make your next special occasion easier for you.



Ixcela Testing and Counseling


Gut health impacts digestive health, the immune system, brain health, emotional balance, and energetic efficiency. Testing your gut provides critical insight into how your lifestyle choices and habits are affecting your internal health. We offer a 45-minute counseling session to go over the results, as well as personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Learn more about Ixcela’s at-home pinprick blood test at


Price: $364 ($269 for the Ixcela Assess test kit + $95 for counseling session with action plan)

Use our pro code VAMYCHEF2020 to get special pricing.



Nutrigenetic testing and counseling


Genetic Testing and Counseling

We offer simple genetic testing using saliva that will allow for personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on your DNA. We can also provide personalized meal plans based on the results of your genetic testing. Why use one-size-fits-all nutrition advice when you are just one simple DNA test away from personalized results.


Nutrition Services

Our Registered Dietitian provides nutrition counseling services to individuals or to our chef clients along with their meals. We also provide nutrition programs to groups. Our unique blend of nutrition and culinary knowledge make us the perfect choice to get your nutritional health in order with diet plans, tasty food options, help with menu planning, and recipes.

Nutrigenomic testing brochure
See what genetic testing can tell you about how you process food!
Brochure-Health-en My Chef Shirley.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.4 MB]

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes and demonstrations are available to groups and individuals. Topics
include such time-saving and healthy techniques as Quick Stove Top, Double Duty,
Make Ahead Meals, Salad Sensations, International Cuisine, Vegetarian Delights, Lean
and Tasty, Saucy and Delicious, and many more. Classes for cooking for special diets
and food allergies are also available.

Cooking demonstrations and tastings are a great team building or social event and have
been used for birthday parties and baby/wedding showers.


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