Personal Chef Service providing healthy food for a healthy you!

 Imagine... coming home and enjoying a delicious, nutritious, and healthy dinner in just minutes. The best part is that all the planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning was done for you by My Chef Shirley LLC.

If you are:

*a working professional coming home late/tired

*a busy family

*wanting to entertain, but not cook

*a retiree or senior who has served your time in the kitchen

*a single person with no time and/or desire to cook healthy meals

*a new parent with no time or energy to prepare meals for your family

*a family wanting to eat healthier but just don't have the time

*tired of the same old restaurant and take out menus

*on a special diet and want to able to have meals tailored to your needs

Then you are ready to have the chefs from My Chef Shirley LLC use their passion for cooking and knowledge as a Registered Dietitians to bring you back to your own dinner table.  Enjoy delicious and nutritious meals customized specifically for you and prepared fresh in your own kitchen.

Benefits of "My Chef Shirley LLC" Personal Chef Service

More time - My Chef Shirley LLC does all the planning, shopping, cooking, packaging, and clean up.  There is no more waiting and running around for take-out or waiting for service and food at a restaurant.

Healthier Eating- Enjoy specially prepared custom meals tailored to your needs using the freshest ingredients with no preservatives added.  Have the peace of mind that your meals are as good for you as they are delicious.

More enjoyable meals- My Chef Shirley LLC offers an ever-expanding array of menu items from a wide range of culinary cuisines.  They specialize in International cuisine, American regional favorites, traditional comfort foods, and light gourmet meals.  You don't have to eat the same thing twice in several months unless you want to. 

See a sample of my selections.

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How much does it cost?

Contact us at or 703-209-3919.

Serving  Fairfax County, Virginia and the surrounding areas.



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